Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Gift Giving Tips

Teacher Appreciation Week and the end of the school year can leave educators flooded with small gifts and tokens of appreciation. While teachers never expect presents from students or parents (really, they don’t!), it is a traditional practice for many families to give something to show their thanks.

In keeping your teacher gift small, simple and thoughtful, here are some do’s and dont’s we have compiled after asking teachers about their gift experience.

Teacher GiftShould’s:

  • Write a Card: Teachers say by far this is the best present, a note — handwritten, typed or drawn by a student, gives their teacher a real sense of accomplishment and a glimpse into how they have made a different in that child’s life.
  • Give a Gift Card: Gift cards aren’t a meaningless gesture, teachers say they really appreciate them! Oftentimes, gift cards provide teachers with a way to buy more supplies for the classroom or take a much-needed respite to the movies or a local restaurant. Check out these 5 Ways to Pump Up Your Gift Card
  • Give in Their Name: If your teacher has a favorite charity or local organization s/he volunteers at, donate in their name and present them with a certificate or card detailing what and why you donated in their name.


  • Don’t Go Apple Crazy: Many teachers say the “apple” theme has been overplayed and overused, and likely, their personal collection is teeming. Unless your child’s teacher collects apple-shaped items as a hobby, stay away from this common educator motif and go for something more personal.
  • Don’t Go Too ‘Sweet’: Of course we don’t mean ‘don’t be nice,’ but rather, keep in mind teachers get bombarded with sweets and candies at the end of the year, and it might be a better idea to go for a healthy snack or reusable tote bag or water bottle they can really use and won’t end up tossing out.

What are some of your teacher gift do’s and dont’s? Let us know in the comments!

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