National Food Allergy Awareness Week

Food Allergy Awareness Tips for Room Parents

Did you know that 1 in 13 kids has food allergies? That’s roughly 2 per classroom! What does this mean? When it comes to classroom celebrations, snacks and lunchtime it’s vital to recognize and be aware of food allergies to continue to keep the classroom a safe environment for all students.

How can room moms help with food allergy management in the classroom? 

Little Chefs 0041. Work with the teachers and parents to identify any students in the classroom who have food allergies. Understand and write down the ingredients they must avoid, the symptoms of an allergic reaction, and learn what to do in the event of an allergic emergency. Consider sending notes home with the students who have food allergies, to let their parents/guardians know that you are working in partnership to keep their children safe.

2. Celebrate special events and birthdays with non-food treats such as games or a special storytime. Check out our favorite sweet free celebrations HERE!

3. When food must be used for an activity or provided to students, work with the parents of the children with food allergies to arrange for safe alternatives to be available so that no student feels excluded.

4. Include details in your VolunteerSpot signup sheet that let parents who volunteer to bring in food what ingredients to avoid. Often the moms of kids with food allergies are willing to provide safe snacks/treats for the entire class. In fact, some classes collect money to put in a fund for the food allergy moms to use to provide the goodies.

The most important thing is to work together with the school staff, the student, and the student’s parents to ensure all students are included in all activities!