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Last Recess Ever

As experts in parent engagement and involvement, we at VolunteerSpot love hearing the fun, new ways schools are coming up with to celebrate students and get parents involved in the classroom. A recent idea gaining a lot of buzz is “last recess ever,” or a final hoorah for elementary students who will be staring middle school next fall.

“Last Recess Ever” is a graduation type of celebration. so turn going outside for class break into a fun affair with games and snack stations.

Last Recess EverGame Ideas:

Drip Drip Drop – Great for outdoor play, DDD takes Duck, Duck Goose to a new level where students sit in a circle and one walks around lightly dripping water from a small cup onto their classmates heads. When they pour the whole cup on someone’s head, they will be chased until they sit back in the empty spot.

Parachute – Just like for Field Day, parachute games are a class-wide activity students love. Borrow a large parachute from the PE leaders, or ask them to join you for leading the game.

Human Bowling – Have ten students form a large triangle just as bowling pins would stand, and let other students take turns rolling a large beach ball towards them. Whomever the ball touches, they must fall down and then clear out. Play until everyone has had a turn.

Snack Ideas:

Snow Cones – Go retro with snowcones! If you don’t have a snowcone maker, simply fill small dixie cups with shaved iced and a squirt of simple syrup. Use natural food coloring to make them stand out.

Ice Cream Sundaes – Have parents donate a couple gallon containers of ice cream and classic toppings like chocolate chips, whip cream and caramel. Parent volunteers can man the station and help students create their own sweet treats.

Lemonade and Cookies – Nothing says summer like lemonade, so host a small stand at last recess ever where kids can grab a cup of refreshment and snag a couple homemade goodies donated by class parents.

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