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NFL Play60 Invention Contest | Promoting Active Kids

NFL Play60 Invention ContestThe summer sunshine proves to be an easy, natural incentive for kids to get outside and play – staying active is vital for not just the physical health, but mental well-being of children too.

You might remember as a child, banding together with neighborhood kids and friends to build forts, come up with new tag games, explore and discover secret places in your yards, and create brilliant new worlds in which to play.

How do your kids play outside? Do they get out everyday? Do they come up with new and creative ways to have fun?

The NFL Play60 Campaign, dedicated to helping kids stay active, wants to hear what your kids come up with. Enter their Invention Contest (kids ages 6 to 13) and win up to $5000, a BIG trip, and a chance to pitch your new active game idea to NFL execs.

Enter TODAY!

(Ends July 12th, 2013)

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