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Upside Down Party

Upside Down Parties have taken 2013 by storm and kids love them! From attire to food and games, doing stuff upside down and backwards puts a fun twist on the traditional party atmosphere. Check out some of our favorite upside down party ideas:

Photo Courtesy of Twigglebox.blogspot.com

Photo Courtesy of Twigglebox.blogspot.com

Snack-time! Turn eating upside down by placing a tablecloth underneath a table and letting kids sit and eat there. Sticky putty or like adhesives let you keep table decorations and pieces in place hanging from the bottom of the table.

Dress-up! Have kids model for a photo booth wearing their clothes upside down. For example, slipping legs into the arms of jackets or shirts and wearing big floppy hats brimside up. Hang up a colorful sheet for a backdrop and give kids oversized props (sunglasses, mustaches), feather boas or other head pieces to pose with.

Backwards Games! Play kids favorite games backwards – from charades, where a player shouts out a word (their ‘guess’) and another kid has to quickly act it out, to singing a popular song backwards.


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