Summer Reading

Motivate Kids to Read Over the Summer

Yay summer! Students across the country scream and shout for the end of school, but those months without class, projects and homework can lead to learning loss that leaves them scrambling come the following school year. Keep kids reading over the summer with these fun ideas:

Kids ReadingRead a Series: Some of the best literature of our day are children’s book series that intrigue both the young and old. Encourage kids to start a series and finish it by the end of summer. Book series extend a storyline across multiple novels that incite kids to keep reading to find out what happens – just make sure their library card is active, ’cause they’ll need it!

Reading Competition: Whether between best friends or siblings, friendly competition with incentives and rewards can motivate kids to read more than ever. Similar to reading challenges schools host themselves, letting kids create their own reading timeline with prize ideas and deadlines gives them both responsibility as well as the encouragement to read that they are looking for.

Reading Apps: The brilliance of fast-paced technological advancements is that new, creative educational apps are always being developed. Help your kids find a favorite reading app or two that helps bide the time over the summer; pretty soon they’ll be wanting to read on your Kindle instead of playing video games.

Vacation Reads: Turn your family travels into special ‘reading time’; from the airplane to the car, designate specific times or locations between which all the kids put down their iPod or tablet and read their favorite book. Spend additional family time to discuss favorite characters or sections of the books they are reading.

Library Programs: Local libraries are key to summer reading as they often host their own special summer programs for kids of all ages. Get online or pay a visit to your local library to find out what they have planned and add their events to your family calendar.