Great Apps for Family Travel

Kids Travel Apps

Taking the family on a big trip this summer? Whether it’s in the car or on the plane, having activities to help bide kids’ time and keep them busy is always a good idea! Check out some of our favorite apps and games your kids will love:

Family TravelYushino Free: This free (addictive)  mobile game turns practicing into a family fun affair!  Like ‘Words with Friends’ but with numbers, Yushino integrates math, strategy and friendly competition in a numbers game grade level kids to adults can play (with each other).

Reading Rainbow: Explore whole new worlds in your kids’ favorite books! This interactive app gamifies reading and storytelling with great audio and visual components.

Sunday Drive: Turn your scenic car trip into a fact-filled adventure! ‘Sunday Drive’ details historic landmarks, hidden gems and more inside information from local experts about where you are driving through.

Hungry Hungry Hippos: This childhood favorite is digitized and is just as fun! Your kids will love to navigate their hungry hippos to chomp down on the most fruit before their opponent does. Get all your kids in the minivan playing against one another!

Spelling City: Practice language skills, vocabulary and spelling with this super fun game that’s great for keeping kids sharp over the summer.



Image Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net