Tops Tips to Help Kids Practice Writing

Stop Summer Learning Loss with Fun Writing Games & Ideas

Don’t led word and language skills go unused this summer while kids are out of school! Turn summertime into a FUN time to practice writing, spelling and vocabulary (without the pop quizzes) – check out these 5 SUPER ideas:

Girl Writing1. Write down everything! Have you children help you write grocery lists, todo lists, thank you cards, special notes for grandparents, vacation wish lists, you name it! The more they write, practice and correct mistakes, the more they learn while still having fun.

2. App it! Lots of apps for smartphones and tablets are helping kids curb summer learning loss. Two of our favorites are Spelling City and WordGirl Activity Worksheets – making it fun to play with words and practice spelling and definitions.

3. Journal! Maybe your kids already keep a diary or journal, but if they don’t, encourage it. Great for vacations, being at camp, or simply becoming a nightly ritual, journals help kids practice writing but even more so, journals help kids put thoughts down on paper, formulating sentences and helping clear the mind and focus.

4. Pen Pals! It’s so easy for kids to text or facebook friends near and far these days, but going old school with hand-written pen pal letters could be just the trick for helping their brains stay sharp this summer. Encourage kids to reach out to friends with written letters, cards and notes, and make a summer activity out of having a pen pal!

5. Label and sign it! If getting the house organized is on your family’s summer To Do list, get the kids involved (and not just with cleaning). Where items, drawers and cabinets need labels, encourage your kids to help. Adding signs around the house for bedrooms or the den, let kids write and decorate!

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