Teacher Gift Ideas

10 Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

Do you give your child’s teacher a small gift at back-to-school? If you chose to, we have some great ideas – small tokens that keep it simple, useful and best of all, meaningful.

Teacher gift1.  Back to school survival kit: A small tote filled with sustenance (granola bars, dried fruit, popcorn and tea) helps teachers energy-up during those extra-exhausting days.

2.  Welcome card: Your child (and you) can write a hand-written note capturing your excitement for the coming year; have your child right down a couple things they are looking forward to in their new grade.

3. Reusable ‘something’: A reusable water, coffee mug or tote bag is a useful item that can be customized with your new teacher’s name and will really come in handy.

4. Treasure Box: Fill a small shoe box or goodie bag with mini erasers, sticker sheets, mini pencils and small toys which your teacher can use as rewards and prizes for students.

5. Something Green: A simple easy-to-care-for plant is always a great gift that can brighten up the teacher’s window sill or desk.

6. Coupons/Promos: If you’re a great bargain hunter, spread the wealth with your teacher. Clip useful coupons and gather online promo codes to teacher/educator stores, and craft and stationary shoppes.

7. Craft box: Give the teacher a jump start on arts & crafts in the classroom with a fun craft supply box filled with markers and colored pencils, construction paper, yarn, pipe cleaners, glue, crayons, you name it.

8. ‘Cleaning Supplies’: Hand sanitizer, facial tissues, clean wipes, paper towels and other ‘hygenic’ cleaning items are a must-have expense that often comes out of the teacher’s pocket and will gladly be welcomed from parents.

9. Gift Card: Useful gift cards (in small amounts) are a great gift for teachers. Get creative with an iTunes giftcard so they can purchase the latest and greatest educational app to use in the classroom.

10. Give the gift of time! Offer to help manage free online signups & schedules for classroom parties, snack schedules, weekly readers, tutors/learning center helpers, or field trip chaperones. Mobile 24/7 access and automated reminders will have the teacher (and parents) singing your praises! Try it out now, click here.

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