11 Top Tips For Parent Volunteers

dos and donts

Whether you are a new volunteer or a veteran, here are our top 11 tips to help you make the most of volunteering in your child’s classroom! (Room parents – print this off for the classroom or email to parent volunteers, they’ll thank you!)

  1. Don’t be late. Be sure to plan for traffic jams, parking, and picking up a visitor’s pass. Your teacher is really counting on you!
  2. Help ALL the kids. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of assisting your child the most. But your job is to be supportive and inclusive. It’s okay for junior to have to wait his turn while you assist Susie.
  3. Follow school guidelines. Be sure to review these guidelines often so you are constantly in the know.
  4. Volunteer for something you find fun. If you really don’t like loud noise, avoid the recess monitoring and focus on reading time. If you love to be messy, help with arts and crafts projects.
  5. Respect student privacy. Remember that grades and special needs are personal and should not be shared. You wouldn’t want someone discussing your child so pay it forward and avoid engaging in that practice.
  6. If you can’t make it, let someone know. Call, email, send a text…..just let someone know. Take the extra step and find a replacement for yourself so the teacher can continue his or her day without extra hiccups.
  7. Have Fun! Enjoy this time as much as possible because pretty soon your kids are going to request that you not volunteer in their classroom.
  8. Share your talents. Are you an excellent baker, gardener, knitter, painter, or really into computers? These are all skills children get excited about and have great educational value.
  9. BURP – Be Understanding, Responsible, & Positive. Leave your personal issues at home or in the car and come in with a bright and happy smile. Any disciple issues should be referred to the teacher and you should be reinforcing classroom expectations.
  10. Leave your cell phone in your car. This is time you have devoted to the classroom so show some respect and give them 100% of your attention.
  11. Honor the lesson plan. The teacher has spent lots of time creating the plan so support him/her in their endeavor. Ask for their direction and follow through with it.