Classroom Snacks

3 Questions to Ask When Organizing & Providing Classroom/Team Snacks

Class parties & celebrations, field trips, field days, team sports practices & games often task school parents with bringing in food, sweets and drinks to the classroom and the field. Before your coordinate or donate, ask yourself these 3 questions:

The Biggest Bite1. Homemade or store-bought? School policies are trending towards encouraging parents to bring in store-bought goodies if they are donating to a classroom or school function. What about your school? This not only lets busy moms and dads (who might not have a couple hours to mix and bake cookies) get involved by contributing, while ensuring what is brought in is safe. Looking for a deal when buying snacks for the classroom – our favorite coupon apps include Coupons.com, SavingStar & RetailMeNot.

2. Food Allergies? A healthy awareness of food allergies in your classroom and on your team is a must when bringing in snacks and drinks. As a room mom or team parent, make food allergies of any student or athlete alarmingly well-known to all parents and kids to secure a safe and aware environment for all involved. Preparing or buying snacks that all students can eat (instead of providing some for one group and a different kind for one or two others with allergies) is also a best-practice for keeping things simplified, safe and your group of kids unified.

3. Snack Schedule? Keep parents on track with donating and providing snacks and drinks in the classroom and on the field with free online volunteer calendars. When parents can sign up on their own time from the convenience of their computer or smartphone, they are more likely to get involved; plus, automated reminders help them keep their commitments! Check out our snack schedule signup examples and ways to get started, click HERE