DIY Carnival Game Ideas

Fall Carnival & Festival Games | Do-It-Yourself

Looking to boost profits at this year’s fall carnival or festival? Look no further than saving big change on your own carnival games! Check out some our favorite DIY carnival games here:

Confetti Eggs via CarnivalSavers.com

Cleaned and hollowed eggs filled with small, colorful paper confetti are a hit
with kids who purchase them to toss gently at friends and family


* * *

Monster Bean Bag Toss via Crafty Carnival

Doubling as great photo booth props too, simple painted monster
faces on reusable cardboard boxes are cheap & fun!


* * *

Punch Wall from CelebrateTheBigAndSmall

Move over pinatas and hello there punch wall! Some holes have
secret prizes within them while others are empty – kids will love this unique game!

* * *

Pool Noodle Toss via Parents.com

Now summer’s over, what better use of your pool noodles than a
tricked-out tossing booth – easy to assemble and so much fun!

pool noodle toss* * *

Here Fishy Fishy from Minieco

Paper clips & paper fish make this DIY carnival game one of the novelty favorites!