New Book, “Rock it!”, Transforms Classroom Learning

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By: Steve Reifman of SteveReifman.com

To celebrate the release of my new book Rock It! Transform Classroom Learning with Movement, Songs, and Stories, I’m excited to be able to share with you a free “mini-pack” of the book’s activities. One of my favorite items in the “Mini-Pack” is Place Value Jumping Jacks, an activity that helps children learn the meaning of each place value position.

stevereifmanHere’s how it works.

Students begin in the ones place and count from 1 to 10 as they do ten jumping jacks. At “10,” the kids wrap their arms around their bodies in a tight bear hug, simulating how ten ones come together to form one ten. In unison, the kids hop to the left, showing how the stick of ten must be moved from the ones place into the tens place.

The kids then do ten more jumping jacks, this time continuing their counting where they left off and counting by tens from 10 to 100. At 100, the kids again hug themselves, showing how 10 tens become one hundred. This time the hug is a little wider because they are now representing 100 objects.

The kids then hop to the left, showing how the hundred must be moved into the hundreds place. The pattern is repeated for as many positions as you wish. Instead of full jumping jacks, tired kids (and teachers) may do “half-jacks” by bringing their arms only to shoulder height. Extremely tired people may opt for “finger jacks.”

* * *

This activity, and others like it, enables teachers to hit what I call the instructional “Grand Slam” because kids are simultaneously seeing, saying, hearing, and moving through the content they are expected to learn. Addressing multiple modalities in a way that is novel and fun leads to greater engagement and more powerful learning. Enjoy the “Mini-Pack.”

To access the “Mini-Pack,” visit http://rockitbook.weebly.com/ and click where it says
“Click here for a PDF sample.”

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Steve ReifmanSteve Reifman is a National Board Certified elementary school teacher, author, and speaker in Santa Monica, CA. He has written several resource books for educators and parents, including Changing Kids’ Lives One Quote at a Time, Eight Essentials for Empowered Teaching and Learning, K-8, and his brand new book Rock It! In addition, Steve has created a series of shorter, e-book resources for educators, including The First 10 Minutes: A Classroom Morning Routine that Reaches and Teaches the Whole Child, The First 30 Days: Start Your School Year with 4 Priorities in Mind, and 2-Minute Biographies for Kids: Inspirational Success Stories About 19 Famous People and the Importance of Education. He is also the creator of the Chase Manning Mystery Series for children 8-12 years of age.

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