Service Learning | Hunger Action Month

Spark action during the month of September with Hunger Action Month awareness and service projects. As a room parent or teacher, it is always a goal to enrich students’ education with service learning programs and actionable items that promote volunteerism and awareness. Check out our top Hunger Action Month ideas for kids K – 12:

Hunger Action Month1. Go orange. Orange is the designated color for Hunger Action Month and what better way to show solidarity with the fight to end hunger than for your classroom to go orange. Bulletin boards, door decor, even the teacher’s desk can be an all-hands-on project to get kids going orange and talking about hunger in our country.

2. Be aware & informed. Get kids talking about hunger in America in ways they can relate to. Statistics from FeedingAmerica, i.e. 17 million children in America live in food-insecure households, are a good place to start. Talk about what it’s like to feel hungry and how would you feel if you did not know where your next meal was coming from. More info HERE

3. Organize a food drive. A great service projects for classrooms, food drives encourage entire class families to get involved. Set a goal for the classroom and keep track of it daily in a visual way students can (measuring number of items collected or number of pounds of food donated). Coordinate donations and automated reminders with free online signups from VolunteerSpot, click HERE

4. Field trip to a food pantry. Field trips are a great way for parents to get involved, for students to take a break from the classroom setting and learn something new hands on. Communicate with your teacher and local food bank to find if there is a day and time the class can visit and students can help sort and pack food boxes for the community.

5. Spread the word. Encourage students to continue the conversation at home, telling mom and dad what they learned at school about hunger in the U.S. and what their family can do to help fight it.