Fire Prevention Week

Fire Safety Printables & Activities

As a room parent, class parent or teacher, fire safety is a vital lesson that is well suited to the classroom. Get kids engaged in and talking about fire safety with these fun printables and activities:

checklist_comp1. The National Fire Protection Association and their fire safety mascot, Sparky, have TONS of great resources for families including kitchen safety guidelines and fire escape plans, click HERE

2. Find a free eBook on fire safety and interactive white board lessons from SparkySchoolHouse.org, click HERE

3. We love this fire awareness song kids can learn from ABCTeach.com, click HERE

4. Don’t miss this interactive wheel of games involving fire safety and awareness from Scholastic.com, click HERE

5. PBS Kids has must-see fire safety videos, easily viewed in the classroom – click HERE

6. Fire fighter coloring pages and fire safety crafts from DLTK-kids.com are fun ways to engage kids in the conversation, click HERE

7. Fire safety classroom posters and worksheets for elementary students are great activities, click HERE

8. Crossword puzzles, matching games and word searches are all at the touch of a click from the U.S. Fire Administration for kids, click HERE


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