Anti-Bullying Month

Anti-Bullying Awareness & Activities for Kids

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and it is important for kids of all age to know the facts about bullying. Get kids talking about bullying with these engaging & informative printables and activities:

Image Courtesy of PEATC.org

Image Courtesy of PEATC.org

  1. StopBullying.gov has lots of great resources about bullying for kids and parents alike. They even have kid-friendly cartoon webisodes about bullying and its effects. Watch them HERE.
  2. Games are a great way for kids to learn about bullying and bullying prevention. Click HERE for an interactive anti-bullying game and HERE for a fun crossword puzzle.
  3. Have your kids commit to not bullying by taking the anti-bullying pledge! Click HERE
  4. Even young kids can learn about bullying – these coloring pages are informative and fun. Click HERE
  5. Get interactive and role play bullying scenarios with your kids. Click HERE for a stick puppet role playing guide.
  6. Spread the word! Order FREE anti-bullying bookmarks for your kids to take to school and share with friends. Click HERE

It’s vital for our kids to support and stand up for one another, and a simple conversation is the best place to start. Get talking and show your kids how important being kind to one another is.