Working Mom Room Mom

How Working Moms Make Being Room Mom A Snap

Did you know working mothers make up the largest percentage of active volunteers in this country? It’s true! And chances are you know a working mom who has taken on the revered “room mom” role in her child’s classroom. Check out these quick hints and tips that show how working room moms keep it all together:

They are team leaders. Working moms know how to lead and when it comes to coordinating classroom parents and the needs of the teacher, they take charge and find creative ways to make it work. Knowing your team is part of being a good leader and working room moms know themselves how busy family schedules can get the better of you. Offering ways for parents to donate instead of attend, contribute time from home, and collaborate with their own ideas for the classroom, working room moms lead their team by example.

Working Mom Room Mom

They delegate. Working room moms know they cannot do it all by themselves so they use their highly developed skills of delegation to share the work load. Once they have determined immediate and long-term needs in the classroom, they give parents the opportunity and convenience to pitch in by coordinating with free online volunteer calendars with automated reminders.

They are online. Working moms know that updating the family calendar from their smart phone, quickly Face-timing the hubby, and managing a mobile work project are all part of an typical afternoon in the digital age. Working room moms utilize free online applications and social platforms to get the word out to the parent community; whether it’s news, fundraiser updates, updated class volunteer opportunities or simple shouts of appreciation to that week’s volunteers.

They’re realistic. Coordinating work, rides to soccer practice, picking up the new dance costume, and making sure homework is completed is nothing new for the working mother (oh, and don’t forget about dinner!). Being realistic about time management and prioritizing what needs to be done are keen skills that transfer over to being room mom seamlessly. Working room moms won’t make it to every classroom event and they know that, but making sure parent volunteers are prepared and organized ensures that their presence isn’t always needed.

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