Class Winter Party Games

5 Classroom Activities | Winter or Holiday Party

Snowmen, snowflakes and snowballs . . . oh my! Add an icy dash of holiday fun to this year’s winter class party with snow-themed inspired games, crafts and activities like:

Indoor Snowball Toss Game via We-Made-That.com

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Image Courtesy of We-Made-That.com


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Mr. Singing Snowman Toss via InTheLeafyTreetopsTheBirdsSing

Image Courtesy of InTheLeafyTreetopsTheBirdsSing


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Snow Bingo via TheOrganizedClassroomBlog

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Snowman Measuring Stick Craft via TheCraftyHostess.com

Image Courtesy of TheCraftyHostess.com


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Roll-a-Snowman Game (with free printable) via ComeTogetherKids.com

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Image Courtesy of ComeTogetherKids.com