Holiday Card Upcycle

DIY Classroom Holiday Activity

Sending out holiday cards this season? Well when you pull down the dusty box full of previous year’s cards and addresses, consider how you could “upcycle” the colorful and creative ones into use for the classroom.

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As a room parent, put out a call for parents and students to bring in old holiday cards (unused, or cut off the front images) so students can turn craft time into something really imaginative.

With unused cards, have students write special messages and notes to deserving people – their friends, a local nursing home, a nearby hospital, fire station, you name it! Turning holiday cards that would otherwise sit in a drawer somewhere into a collaborative way to spread holiday cheer is an easy and fun activity students will love!

With used cards, cut off the fronts of them and create collages or pennant banners for the classroom, or even ornaments (instructions here).