5 “Punny” Teacher Gifts

Make a Teacher Smile This Holiday Season with 5 Fun Gifts!

Check out some of our favorite holiday teacher gifts, that both thoughtful and pun-filled, are sure to put a smile on your teacher’s face this holiday season!

“We Wisk You A Merry Kissmas” Gift Bag via Tiff Creative Outlet

Teachers will love this clever play on words, and the treats inside!


Peace, Joy, and Soap via Griffiths Rated

A quick easy gift idea that all teachers will love!


Supply Christmas Tree via My Little Me

Teacher’s always need supplies, and this is an adorable way to help them restock

my little me


“Teaching Hands” Hand Sanitizer via Delia Creates 

This gift will let your child’s teacher know just how much she helps, and will keep her hands clean in the process


S’more Teacher Gift via The Rowdy Stroudy

The s’mores kit is perfect for teachers, and for the holidays!