Room Mom Idea

Adopt a Teacher

Teacher appreciation packs a wallop of love when it comes to showing your classroom’s teacher how grateful students and parents are for them. But what about the other “teachers” in school who don’t have theirĀ own classroom? A super fun idea to get the whole class in on as the room mom is to “adopt a teacher” in the Spring semester, ‘teachers’ like:

  • ID-10087368Gym/P.E. teachers
  • Art/Music teachers
  • Foreign language teachers
  • Custodial staff
  • Guidance counselors
  • Computer lab technicians
  • Librarians

Once the class has decided who to ‘adopt,’ go about organizing making their day!

  • Surprise treats (find out what’s their favorite)
  • Thank you videos from the class
  • Hand-made cards from students
  • Gift cards/gift baskets from classroom families

Spread the word to other classrooms, teachers and room parents until every “teacher” at your school has a special appreciate team!



Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net