Room Mom Tips for the Spring

4 Things Room Moms Should Be Doing Now

Well into Spring semester, many of us are actually begging for sunshine and trying to adjust schedules week after week as snow days, ice days, and two hour delays pile up. It’s time to pause and check off our check list for classroom management to make sure we’re getting the most out of our class parent community in 2014. If you haven’t already, get on these 4 things to make life easier immediately:

iStock_000016112818XSmall1) Double check parent information. If you haven’t captured parent info since the beginning of the school year, it’s time to follow up and make sure numbers, email addresses and primary contacts haven’t changed. Reaching out soon for parent teacher conferences, fundraisers, field day and teacher appreciation will be important and you want to make sure you reach everyone!

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2) Extend your online volunteer calendar. Spring into time-saving coordination of recess helpers, lunch room volunteers, even parent-teacher conference slots with free online signups and volunteer calendars. On-the-go mobile convenience, automated reminders and streamlined scheduling will have parents singing your praises. Get started now, click here

3) Plan for teacher appreciation. Teacher Appreciation Week might not be until May, but that doesn’t mean brainstorming and planning can’t already begin! Secure plans for special events like brunches, parties, pie days and more now to lock in parent help. Start Pinterest boards and invite parents to collaborate, ideasĀ here.

4) Adopt a teacher. A fun and rewarding activity for the whole class, adopting a teacher or staff member in the second semester is a great idea! Maybe it’s a custodian, library staff member, music teacher, you name it – those supporting and sometimes overlooked staff and educators will love the extra attention.