Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday | Classroom Activities

March 2nd marks the 109th birthday of the unforgettable Dr. Seuss. Honor this beloved children’s author in your classroom with fun activities and snacks. Kids of all ages can appreciate and enjoy Dr. Seuss birthday with the following ideas!

Dr. Seuss Classroom Activities:Dr. Seuss Class Activities

  • Favorite Dr. Seuss Book! Have each student bring in their favorite Dr. Seuss book to share with the class, then have students take turns reading the books aloud in groups.
  • Check out Seussville.comThis fun site contains hundreds of activities, games, and videos for children, dedicated to Dr. Seuss!
  • More classroom fun! Apples4theteacher.com has tons of fun lesson plans, printables, and recipes that are perfect for kids of all ages!
  • Dr. Seuss fun at home! Let you students know about The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That on PBS Kids and send them to the PBS kids website to play Cat in The Hat games and to learn more about the show!

Dr. Seuss Snack Ideas:

  • Colorful Swedish Fish: Pass around these colorful treats while reading Red Fish, Blue Fish to bring the story to life!
  • White Chocolate Chips & Green M&Ms: Make your own green eggs and ham that your kids are sure to enjoy!
  • Strawberry Jello topped with blue cotton candy: Thing 1 and Thing 2 jump right out of the pages of The Cat and The Hat!

Pinterest is a great resource for teachers and roommoms. It features hundreds of Dr. Seuss themed activities, recipes, and printouts!