15 Spirit Week Ideas

It’s common for school’s to designate FUN dress-up days during Spirit Week; here are some of our favorite day ideas!

1. Sports Day > Let students wear their favorite team jerseys, college team shirts or ball caps.

2. Mustache Day > Have stick-on mustaches for kids or let them draw one on with washable marker.

Image Courtesy of Beeinourbonnet.com

Image Courtesy of Beeinourbonnet.com

3. Crazy Hair Day > Your school might end up looking like Whoville, but crazy hair gets parents engaged in spirit week and kids excited about showing off their ‘dos!

4. Pajamas Day > Always a favorite, pajama day lets students lounge while they learn. Let them bring their favorite stuffed animal for the day too!

5. Formal Fun Day > Sunday best is in order, suit & tie style with girls in their favorite dresses.

6. Wild West Day > Bandannas, cowboy boots and cowgirl hats make this day a hoot & holler!

7. Fave Color Day > Students will love displaying their favorite colors head to toe.

8. Book Character Day > Sure there’ll be a bunch of Katniss Everdeen’s, but kids will love incorporating their favorite reads into costumes.

9. Garbage Day > One man’s trash is another man’s treasure when students deck themselves out in fashionable trash-bag outfits.

10. School Colors Day > The most important day to raise spirit, school colors is easy!

11. Twins Day  > Have students pick a buddy and plan a matching outfit for both to wear.

12. Tie Dye Day > Groovy baby! Encourage students to rock their fave tie dye tees, shorts, even socks!

13. Hawaiin/Tropical Day > Hand out lei’s and encourage kids to wear bright colors and flowers.

14. Superhero Day > Capes and iconic symbols like Batman’s bat, Thor’s hammer or Ironman’s core reactor might turn your student body into The Avengers.

15. Fave Decade Day > Think hippies from the 60s, bell bottoms from the 70s, big hair from the 80s or grunge flannel from the 90s. Teachers especially love this day!