5 Spring Break Apps for Kids

March means Spring Break is just around the corner and a warm welcome from these cold winter months. Whether your family is traveling or your kids are learning about the joys of a good ol’ staycation, some new fun (but educational) apps are in order – check out our current faves!

Spelling City1. SpellingCity > Word games, vocabulary games and tons more interactive language lessons make SpellingCity a must-have app for kids young and old.

2. Math Bingo > Kids can practice their math skills by solving equations that help them gain spots on their interactive bingo board.

3. Musical Paint > Let kids explore their creativity with this fun app that combines musical sounds with colorful paintbrushes, great for young children.

4. Barefoot World Atlas > Travel the world with your kids and learn about geography, climate, landmarks and more with interactive videos, photo galleries and world traveling tools.

5. Dinosaur Train A to Z > For kids 3 to 6, this PBS series-based app let’s kids explore and learn about their favorite dinosaurs with pictures, x-rays, fun facts and more!