Earth Day Activities

5 Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day is quickly approaching and the importance of this day cannot be forgotten. Teach your kids about the importance of preserving our environment with these 5 fun activities!earth-day

1.  Recycle: Have your kids decorate boxes or bins to separate recycling from trash. Teach them which items can be placed in recycling bins.  Then, place the recycling bins around the school and the classroom to promote recycling everywhere!

2. Build a class garden: Plant a tree, herbs, fruit and vegetables, and weather-tolerant plants that don’t need to be watered often.  Kids will love growing, caring for and looking at their very own garden at school!

3. Create earth friendly crafts: Paper free crafts are fun and eco-friendly. Teach kids about the dangers of using too much paper and check out these awesome paper free crafts for kids!

4. Read Earth Day books: There are tons of great books that teach kids about the importance of preserving the environment. Dr. Seuss’ the Lorax and The Wump World by Bill Beet are perfect to read to your children on Earth Day. For more Earth Day book ideas from No Time for Flash Cards blog, click here!

5. Make an Earth Day pledge: Download this Earth Day pledge template from babalisme blog and have your kids fill it out. They will write what they will and will not do to help save the environment on a daily basis. Tell them to take it home and put it on their fridge as a daily reminder to always be kind to the environment!