Field Day Activities with Water

5 Fun Field Day Activities with WATER!

The weather is warming up and the end of the year is fast approaching. That means field day fun is right around the corner. These 5 activities will be a fun way for kids to cool off and have some fun at this year’s field day! VolunteerSpot’s free online sign ups with reminders make scheduling field day activities a snap! Get started now!

1. Sponge and Bucket Races: Set up a row of buckets filled with water and another row of empty buckets. Have the children line up between a full bucket and an empty bucket. The first person in line dips a sponge in water and passes it over their head to the next person. Continue passing overhead until the last person gets the sponge. That person wrings it out in the empty bucket, runs to the front of the line and begins the relay again. The winner is the team with the most water in their bucket after five minutes.

2. Over, Under, Over, Under: Provide the first student on each team with a bucket full of water. When the relay starts, the first student in line passes the bucket over his or her head to the second student. Then that student passes the bucket under (between) his or her legs to the next student. The third student passes over, the fourth student under, and so on. When the bucket reaches the last student in line, that student runs to the front of the line and starts the over-under-over-under process again. The game is over when the student who started the relay returns to the head of the line. The first team to finish wins.

3. Splash Tag: Designate four students to be “it” (the person who tags). The other children run away from the “it”, who tries to tag them with the wet sponges on their shoulders or back. Once tagged, that person becomes the new it, gets the sponge wet and tries to tag someone else.

4. Under Your Chin: This game works best in an open field or parking lot. Set up an obstacle course, with obstacles that students have to weave in and out of. Have the children hold water balloons under their chins and navigate the course. If a student drops a balloon, they must return to the beginning of the course, get a new balloon and begin again. Two teams compete side by side and the first team to have all of its racers at the finish line wins.

5. Pop goes the water balloon: Place children in a circle and set a timer or play music. When the timer goes off, the child holding the water balloon ‘pops it’ and splashes them self. As children ‘pop and splash’–they are out. The last player left that hasn’t been “popped” on is the winner.

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