Carnival Booth Ideas

8 Crazy Spring Carnival Booths Full of Laughs

The Spring carnival makes for lots of messy, outdoor fun for kids and parents alike! Check out these 8 super silly carnival booths for your Spring fundraiser >>

Pie the Principal via Monroe News

Pies in the face are classic, but pies in the principal’s face are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Everyone will be lining up to see your favorite principal get a whip cream facial – a great money-maker!

Pie principal


Confetti Eggs via Carnival Savers

Everyone loves a little festive confetti, especially kids when they get to throw it at their friends.
Sell your own custom-decorated
cascarones and let the kids go confetti-battle crazy in between the ring toss and cake walk.

Confetti eggs


Dunking Booth via Kara’s Party Ideas

The classic of all spring carnival booths is the dunking booth! Talk with outside vendors now to secure this carnival
staple for your spring event – and reserve popular staff and teachers for dunking!

Dunking booth


Toilet Toss via Catch My Party

This one puts a new spin on your average ring toss. See how this game goes over with your spring-carnival
crowd as they flush their way to victory!

Toilet toss


Face-in-the-Hole via Driven By Decor

Another classic carnival guest is the good old-fashioned face-in-the-hole booth. This is your chance to go
all out by designing your silliest cutouts for carnival-goers to take memorable photos with.

Face in the hole


Nose Pick via Carnival Savers

Carnival attendees will want to make sure they step up to the correct nostril for this one.
As participants select a nostril, determine whether they get the grand prize or handful of slime.



Boat Races via Mix of Six

Squirt your way to first place with carnival mini boat races. This DIY game is easy to create and knows
how to draw in an audience!

Boat races

* * *

Balloon Dart Art via Teach Preschool

One, two, three, bulls-eye! Paint-filled balloons attached to a canvas makes this game surprising
fun for kids and creates a masterpiece for the school hallways.

Balloon darts


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