School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Webinar Recap for Schools & Nonprofits

Raise more money for your school with the hints, tips and tricks in our popular fundraising webinar – presentation slides below:

Key Takeaways:

  • Find a fundraiser that’s a good fit for your school based on fundraising goals and potential parent support
  • Add product fundraisers to popular school events (like movie nights, carnivals, and auctions) to boost profits
  • Consider dual-benefit fundraisers to raise more money (like Evan-Moor’s Daily Summer Activities fundraiser that helps schools raise money and promotes Summer learning)
  • Plan a social media strategy to spread the word about your fundraiser/event & include event hashtags on all materials
  • Implement creative incentives and opportunities for people to share socially during your events
  • Recruit more participants and support with free online signups with reminders

Evan-Moor Fundraising

More About Our Sponsor, Evan-Moor:

Evan-Moor is a leading education publisher, specializing in helping kids learn with fun and educational teacher-developed products! Their unique fundraising program offers schools the chance to raise money and provide Daily Summer Activity books to families. These summer enrichment books help prevent summer learning loss and promote smooth transitions for kids from one grade to the next.

Evan-Moor Fundraising