15 Teacher Appreciation Themes

Teacher Appreciation Week Theme Ideas

Looking for a creative, fresh theme for this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week? We’ve got you covered with a top 15 list below!

Teacher Appreciation Themes

  1. Around the World > Take teachers are a much deserved trip around the world with food and festivities to match! Feature a different country’s cuisine every day, i.e. Tacos on Monday for Mexico, crepes on Tuesday for France, pasta on Wednesday for Italy, etc. Build an Eiffel Tower of school supplies and post “Thank you!” in many different languages on bulletin boards,
  2. Super Hero > Make sure your teachers know how often they save the day with a superhero-themed Teacher Appreciation Week. Feature your favorite super hero’s in the school newsletter, have students write letters to their hero teachers, and decorate the staff lounge with hero inspired signs and action bubbles. More fun ideas from KarasPartyIdeas.com.
  3. Out of This World > Head into outer space with this Teacher Appreciation Week theme! Decorate your luncheon with stars and planets. Designate a day for teachers to get their “rocket fuel” with coffee and lattes brought in by parent volunteers. Play off phrases like “We’re over the moon about you!” and “You’re out of this world!” for door decs and bulletin boards.
  4. Dr. Seuss > Treat teachers to the fun and whimsy of Dr. Seuss with your teacher appreciation events! Add a photo booth to the teacher appreciation party with over-sized props for teachers to pose with. Incorporate kid favorites like Red Fish, Blue Fish and Cat in the Hat to your gifts and festivities. More ideas on TheCelebrationShoppe.com.
  5. Celebrity/Star Treatment > Roll out the red carpet for your favorite teachers with a Hollywood-themed Teacher Appreciation week. Decorate hallways and classrooms with star-studded walks of fame, serve decadent gourmet goodies at the teacher luncheon, and post a multi-flavored popcorn bar in the staff lounge.
  6. Beach/Luau > Take teachers to paradise with this Teacher Appreciation theme! Don’t forget the umbrella drinks and lei’s for the teacher luncheon, and give gifts perfect for the upcoming summer vacation – beach towels, magazine subscriptions, sunblock, reusable water bottles, you name it!
  7. Western > Lasso up big teacher appreciation with this theme! Decorate accordingly with bandanas and cowboy hats for teachers. Play off phrases like “Howdy Partner” and “Hats off to you!” for invitations and signs, and feature much-loved teachers on “Most Wanted” posters for being the best teachers in the land!
  8. Picnic > Get out the gingham for a picnic-style Teacher Appreciation Week that keeps things simple and friendly! Serve bbq with all the fixin’s at the teacher luncheon, and decorate the teacher’s lounge picnic style with gingham table cloths and watermelon cut-outs on the wall. Collect family-favorite recipes for a teacher appreciation cookbook from students, and gift with bbq utensils and other summer goodies.
    Teacher Appreciation Week Themes
  9. Spa Week > Add a dose of luxury to Teacher Appreciation Week with spa time! Connect with local businesses to receive free and discounted on-the-spot foot massages, pedicures and manicures for teachers. Organize parents to contribute to themed gift baskets (luxury soaps, loofas, candles, gift certificates), and set up spa-friendly eats in the lounge like cucumber infused water, spring rolls, and fruit salad.
  10. Up > Get on the up and up for this Teacher Appreciation Week theme. Playing off phrases like “Wake up” and have a food truck stop at the school for free coffee and breakfast; “Giddy up” and encourage parents to donate school supplies, “Dress up” and decorate the teacher’s lounge to the nines, the ideas are endless.
  11. Garden Party > Keep Teacher Appreciation Week light and fresh with a Garden Party teachers won’t forget. Encourage all students to bring a flower to their teacher on a designated day, and serve salad and tea sandwiches for lunch. Plan on phrases like “You plant the seeds of knowledge” and “Thanks for helping us grow” for bulletin boards and gifts.
  12. Grand Slam > Take your teachers to the ball park with a sports-themed Teacher Appreciation Week they won’t forget! Don pennant banners and streamer in the teacher’s lounge, and serve ball park faves like hotdogs and nachos for lunch. Keep a teacher scoreboard live detailing the years and months teachers have been educating, and share tickets to local venues, festivals and games as gifts.
  13. Secret’s Out > Get your best detectives on the case for this Teacher Appreciation Week theme! Share Teacher Appreciation gifts (coupons, movie passes, gift certificates, etc) in envelopes labeled “Top Secret.” Decorate the teacher’s lounge with finger prints and magnifying glasses, and play off phrases like “We spy the world’s best teachers” and “It’s no mystery, our teachers rock!”.
  14. We’re Wild About You > Teacher Appreciation Week has jungle fever with this wild theme! Add vines, apes and fauna to the teacher’s lounge and serve much loved goodies like “monkey bread” and “animal crackers.” Play off phrases like “We’re wild about you!” and “We’re bananas about you!” for door decs and bulletin boards.
  15. Picture Perfect > Let your teachers know they’re the picture of perfection during Teacher Appreciation Week. Add a photo booth with props to your teacher appreciation luncheon, frame and gift class pictures, or create digital classroom scrapbooks and slideshows to share with teachers that week.



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