Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Ideas!

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is here! Don’t forget these 8 last-minute reminders:

Teacher Appreciation1. Capture those moments! Don’t forget to take pics and short videos of your teacher appreciation events and class gifts to post on your school’s social accounts and website/blog.

2. Have your emergency kit ready. Extra napkins, wet wipes, flatware, rubber bands and thank you cards are some must-haves it won’t hurt to store in the trunk or stash in the teachers lounge.

3.  Find great ideas on Pinerest! Caught in a last-minute lurch for a fab teacher gift idea? Quick, get on Pinterest for easy DIY teacher gift ideas and more, click here

4. Get more people involved. Scrambling for a last-minute teacher appreciation week activity? Quickly schedule what you need and when on an online signup, invite class parents to sign up from their computer or smartphone, and rely on VolunteerSpot to send automated reminders, click here to get started

5.Thank your parents who participate. Send a quick thank you email or card home to your class parents who participate and donate for teacher appreciation week letting them know their small contributions meant a lot.

6. Dress up your gift card. Opting for a great gift card for your favorite teacher this year? Add a last-minute touch like wrapping your gift card in a sweet felt wrapper, in a hand-written thank you card, in a bouquet, you name it. More ideas here

7. Print if off! It’s so easy to find beautiful, funny, and sweet signs and gift tags that you can print offline for free. Find a great list on our Teacher Appreciation Ideas page

8. Have fun! Teacher Appreciation Week can get a smidge chaotic, especially if your school ask parents to contribute or take part in an activity every day of the week. Don’t forget to have FUN and know your teachers and educators will love any of the recognition they get!

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