Back to School? Back to Room Mom… Be Your Teacher’s Hero!

When you agreed to become a room parent, admit it (mom or dad) you were thinking: it will be so awesome to catch a peak into little Johnny’s day, right?

What you might not have realized… yet, is that while you will get to spend a little bit of time around your kiddo in his or her school habitat, your main job as Room Mom is to make the teacher’s life easier!

Room Dads will be asked to organize the reading volunteers ALL YEAR. Room Moms will need to think about and design a parent directory. And every Room Parent will need to flex their creative muscle and come up with several stand-up awesome class parties. Are you ready for this?

Don’t worry, over at SignUp.com we have the organization part down to a science, you create the digital Sign Up sheet (skip the reply all email nightmare), your parent volunteers are more likely to participate, and SignUp.com even reminds everyone before the party or volunteer task so you don’t have to.

We’ve rounded up 7 fabulous Room Mom tips and tricks to help you become your Teacher’s Hero!

  1. The brilliance and skill of how to be an organized Room Mom!
    Brett Martin of ThisMamaLoves.com
  2. 5 tips to organize the best Class Party as a Room Mom.
    Shannon Gurnee of RedHeadMom.com
  3. Adorable free printable lunchbox notes. Hey you could even use these to send the Teacher a note!
    Stefanie Fauquet of MommyMusings.com
  4. Amazing Apple Nachos recipe idea, work for a class party or as a Teacher Appreciation potluck
    Sara Welch of DinnerattheZoo.com
  5. Literally the best teacher gift ideas FROM a TEACHER who KNOWS!
    Carly Brydon of LipglossandCrayons.com
  6. One mom’s hilarious take on the BEST back to school list for MOM’s for a change!
    Jennifer Burby of TheChampagneSupernova.com
  7. A terrific Pirate Themed scavenger hunt printable you could use as a quick class party or outdoor field day activity.
    Kim Delatorre of ShopwithMeMama.com

(Photo courtesy of Room Mom expert Shannon Gurnee)

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