Fall Class Party Planning

Can you believe it is October already? Time is running out to plan for the upcoming classroom Halloween party or Fall festival celebration.

We know it can be a little daunting to plan a classroom party, especially what is typically the first celebration of the year. But honestly, if you break it down into a few steps, and spread out the responsibilities to some parent volunteers it will be super simple for everyone!

First, decide on the refreshments. Keep things simple and easy for the parents to send into the classroom. And don’t just ask for parents to send in a dessert, or snack, be specific… 30 cupcakes, 2 packages of pretzels. place settings for 30, 30 small water bottles, etc.

Next, pick a game or two to play. Again, keep it simple. Hot Potato is actually a really fun game for the kids to play! You don’t need to rearrange the classroom furniture and there’s no need for special equipment to play it. You can even use a stuffed animal in a pinch!

Finally, have one craft that everyone can make to bring home. Something like this cute Pumpkin Goody Bag craft found over at Life of a Ginger. https://lifeofaginger.com/pumpkin-goody-bags/ This simple and inexpensive craft is fun for kids of all ages, and so easy to make even the kindergarteners can do it with little supervision. You only need tissue paper, green or brown tape, and a bag of candy to make these adorable pumpkins.

Following these easy steps will take the stress out of the party planning and ensure everyone has a great time, especially the parent volunteers! Because you want them to sign up to help out at the next party, don’t you?