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6 Winter Break Games for Kids

It’s hard to find games and activities to keep kids busy indoors from the cold weather over winter break – we’ve got you covered with the 6 faves we found on the web: Frozen Fortune Teller [PRINTABLE] via Family Disney * * * Sticky Painter’s Tape Web from HandsOnAsWeGrow   * * * Minute to Win …

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Classroom Activities

The Frugal Room Mom’s Guide to Fun The great thing about kids is that they’re minds are blooming and they find almost everything interesting and fun!  If you’re looking to make a memorable year for your classroom on a budget, we’ve got you covered. Check out 7 Cost-Friendly Classroom Activity Ideas 1.  Get Sporty:  It’s …

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Games for Kids | Basketball Fun Recess is a great time to capitalize on outdoor fun as March Madness gears up!  Room Parents are often times in charge of organizing parent volunteers to oversee recess time.  These fun basketball games are easy to coordinate with kids during recess and are tons of fun! 1.  Knock-Out: …

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