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8 Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

Kids Snack Ideas | Halloween Halloween celebrations can be sugar-packed, cavity-inducing headaches for many parents. Swap the over-sweet treats for these delicious, healthy alternatives kids love: Banana Ghosts via Listotic * * * Healthy Candy Corn Fruit Salad via Family Fresh Meals * * * Halloween Cheese Pops via Cute Food for Kids * * …

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9 Witchy Snacks for Fall

Halloween Snacks for Kids Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is back! Embrace the Halloween spirit this year with these original, easy witch-inspired tricks and treats. They’ll surely put a spell on you! Broom Cheese via Sockfairies * * * Witch Cake Balls via Parents.com * * * Witch Mellows via Pinterest * * * Witch …

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Room Mom Idea

Adopt a Teacher Teacher appreciation packs a wallop of love when it comes to showing your classroom’s teacher how grateful students and parents are for them. But what about the other “teachers” in school who don’t have their own classroom? A super fun idea to get the whole class in on as the room mom is …

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