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Room Mom Tips for the Spring

4 Things Room Moms Should Be Doing Now Well into Spring semester, many of us are actually begging for sunshine and trying to adjust schedules week after week as snow days, ice days, and two hour delays pile up. It’s time to pause and check off our check list for classroom management to make sure …

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Room Mom Ideas

Growing Your Garden of Parent Volunteers As a room parent you are much like a gardener – with a very hands-on approach, you will spend the school year aiming to grow your parent community and their participation in the classroom while making sure the teacher’s needs are also met. Hone your skills and talents, and …

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Advice to a New Room Parent

Our friend Wendi Aarons of WendiAarons.com has hilarious inside scoop on what it really means to be a room parent!  Don’t miss her post below (originally published on WendiAarons.com Sept. 12th, 2012). THE TOP 7 SECRETS OF ROOM PARENTS 1. You’re A Hero That’s right, a big hero. As soon as it’s announced that you’ve sucked it …

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