Teacher Meeting

Your First Room Mom-Teacher Meeting
Top Things to Cover

Congrats on stepping up to be the Room Mom or (Room Dad) –  Be Proud!  Working with the teacher, one of your most important goals is to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages all parents to participate in the classroom and support the class’ many activities. Together, you’re cultivating a positive classroom community and encouraging a fun and memorable school year for everyone –kids, teachers and parents, too!

Top Things to Cover in your First Teacher Meeting  

Teacher Contact Information: How does (s)he prefer to be contacted by the room parent & by the other class parents?

Class Parent Communication: 

  • Creation and/or distribution of class roster following school communication policies
  • Is there a class web page, online group or facebook page?  Who keeps it up to date?
  • Policies/expectations for ongoing communication with parents
  • Confidentiality and district privacy requirements
  • Click here for a sample Room Mom Letters

Parent Involvement/Volunteer Needs:

  • Ongoing parent support needs: weekly table-time helpers, readers, science lab & materials prep, recess supervisors, etc.
  • One-time parent support needs: field trips, parties, special days (e.g open-house, career day, talent show)
  • Special talents needed: E.g. music, gardening, animals, cooking, photography, computers that parents might like to share with the kids or in volunteer roles
  • At-home involvement needed: E.g. Class project prep, organizing field trips, class website
  • Cultural involvement needed: Family traditions, holidays, food and music to share with the class

Materials and Supplies:

  • What does the teacher need that (s)he would have to pay for out-of-pocket?  Can parents help? E.g. tissues, antibacterial wipes, art supplies, dry-erase markers, glue
  • Tip: create an online signup sheet on VolunteerSpot to ask for donations of materials and supplies.

Class Party/Celebration Dates and Plans:

  • How many?
  • Who plans (teacher or parents)?
  • Food requirements (healthy or sweets)
  • Allergy considerations
  • Timing and activities/games/crafts
  • Special ‘treat’ days & recognition parties
  • School celebration policies
  • Policies about photographing or videotaping kids
  • Tip: Don’t sweat class parties. Check out our Classroom Party Guide eBook for class party games, snacks & checklists.

Class Calendar

  • Create a paper and online calendar of all events and volunteer needs for the year
  • Tip: Ask parents to sign up to help at the start of the year for ongoing support and class events throughout the year. It’s much easier to make commitments in September than it is to recruit parent helpers in May when parent schedules are extra busy.

Rinse. Repeat

Your first meeting is only the beginning.  Check in with your teacher on a monthly basis to plan the next month’s activities and parent support needs.  Monthly check-ins are also a terrific opportunity to ask for feedback about parent participation and communication practices.  Small adjustments (e.g. sending fewer emails or changing the time of a weekly reader shift) can go a long way to boosting parent participation in the classroom.

Have a wonderful school year!!

Download and Print this Room Parent Checklist before your first meeting: click here!